Interpreters are regularly used in any court proceeding, jury selection and trials, depositions, police investigative work, parole hearings, and other legal venues. While New York law requires that an interpreter be certified by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, further education is imperative to adequately serve the legal system.

The Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (link: has a specialist certification it awards for legal interpreting. SLC owner, Nancy Berlove is one of the only interpreters in Rochester who has this specialist certification.

SLC is committed to making sure that the interpreters who work in court are fully trained in the language used in court and understand the standard protocols. This is not an easy task as there is no word for word translation in American Sign Language of much of the language used in court. It means that the court interpreter must understand what is being said, consider translation alternatives for the various concepts and be prepared to give an accurate interpretation in ASL.

Everyone has the right to their day in court should the need arise, whether as a plaintiff or defendant, victim or witness. SLC makes sure that communication is effective and that the parties are able to participate in any aspect of the legal system.

Please read the following link to the RID standard practice paper regarding the use of interpreters in legal situations.

Link Here.