Mediation is a process by which two or more parties may resolve a conflict or dispute without resorting to litigation. A neutral third party is used to moderate discussions, assist in resolving issues and finalize any agreements. It has been found useful in the following circumstances:

  • When issues about accessibility are raised between a disabled person requesting services and a providing agency or entity.
  • When a question of discrimination because of a disability is raised on the job, between co-workers or with a supervisor.
  • When there is an apparent breech of confidentiality or other ethical standard expected of an interpreter.
  • When established agreements are not being adhered to.

Mediation is a non-violent alternative to resolve disputes.

The owner of Sign Language Connection, Nancy Berlove, is a trained mediator and has worked as a volunteer for the Center for Dispute Settlement since 1993. She has assisted in resolving several disputes involving people who have had concerns about their rights as disabled individuals.