Rochester is a Deaf friendly city to work in. With both the Rochester School for the Deaf and the National Technical Institute for the Deaf located here, it has become a mecca for Deaf people. It is estimated that there are over 10,000 Deaf people living in the Rochester area.

Interpreters are in high demand. SLC covers over 700 hours of interpreting per week. Even with the nearly 250 qualified interpreters in the area, there is still a shortage of skilled interpreters in the community. Rates are highly competitive and determined based on certification, education and years of experience and background.

Rochester is also home for the American Sign Language Interpreter Education Program at NTID. Other training opportunities abound. The community Interpreter Training Center Grant, run from NTID, hosts many workshops for community interpreters.

Apply for work as an interpreter by sending an email to

Scheduling@SLC-Inc.Com with your Name and telephone number with Applying for job in the Subject.

Thank you for your interest.